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Check out our new retail concept at TAMPINES MALL

Level 2 (near Hush Puppies)

Equipped with automatic climate control and specially designed growth light. The new retail vending machine house at least 50 exotic selection of succulents, greenovia (roses), haworthia and also lithops (stone plants)

Step 1 : Buy Online

Step 2 : Wait for Collection Pin to be sent

Step 3: Collect at Tampines Mall (Level 3) Vending Machine

Find and choose your rare succulents here!

** When the pin is generated, the product may still be sold by the machine.

** In the event that your ordered product is sold by the machine before you can collect it, do contact us for a replacement at 

or Whatsapp us at 97500-780

Green Thumb X Succulent Vending Machine
Green Thumb x Lithops

Exotic Succulent

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